Trig Modern

Trig: adj. [British dialect] Smart and trim, as in lifestyle, neat. Stylishly fashionable, up-to-date, modish.

Today, people live with a mix of furnishings: Grandma’s antique dresser, a mid-century lamp found on eBay, a leather sofa you actually splurged on. It’s a metaphor of our lives -- an expression of personal style and experiences. 

Trig Modern’s showroom provides a portrait for sensible living -- an antidote to excess, formality and convention. Classic modern furniture rests comfortably beside new modern accessories and iconic items from the mid-20th century. A wide array of modern light fixtures and ceiling fans hang from the ceiling. A wall of colorful pillows, many designed by Trig’s owner, Bob Drake, gazes down upon modern area rugs on the floor.

Our Design Center serves up samples of Trig Modern’s delightfully modern wall coverings and upholstery choices, including a line specifically for apartment dwellers.

At Trig Modern, we believe in a thoughtful approach to modern interiors and furnishings that emphasizes the imagination and comfort of real people living real lives. Drop in sometime. We look forward to meeting you!

Bob Drake

Bob, a Raleigh native, graduated from NC State. In 1986 he opened a design store called The Metro in Charlotte, North Carolina. There were several bumps in the road getting it established; for example, after a heavy rain he opened the store the next day to shelving units completely smashed after the supporting cardboard boxes collapsed from getting wet. After five years in the Elizabeth neighborhood, he moved the store to a larger location in Dilworth. Metro grew rapidly and the landlord offered to cut a hole in the first floor for a staircase to the lower level, doubling the space to 5000 sq ft.

In 2011, ready for a change, Bob made a business connection who enabled him to relocate the store to Raleigh.  He opened Trig Modern in December of 2012. The store is going strong and Bob is happy with the move. Bob has designed furniture for many clients, and he has worked with architects and designers to make lighting concepts come to fruition.  Bob loves modern design and has enjoyed creating a space for those who appreciate it like he does. He is constantly introducing new product and has access to hundred of vendors.

Bob grew up in North Hills and returned to live there in a 1960 split level where he has his collections of modern art, percolators, and modern and mid-century furniture.

Along with Ann Marie Baum, Bob has enjoyed harvesting lunch in the garden planted in front of the store.



Ann Marie Baum

Ann Marie worked at Sitzer:Spuria in Carrboro, NC before opening Cherry Modern Design in early 2004. Cherry featured the best in modern design, showcasing vignettes by B&B Italia, Cassina, Cappellini, Montis and Knoll as well as lighting by Moooi, Foscarini, Flos and Artemide.

While at Cherry Modern Design, Ann Marie collaborated with John Reese at Clearscapes Architectural Firm on the Hudson Condos in downtown Raleigh to create two modern show units. In 2009, she worked closely with the staff at the NC Museum of Art as well as AIA Medal of Honor architect Thomas Phifer to provide furniture for the new wing of the museum and the dining furniture at the Iris Cafe. She also personally designed the movable check-in counters used in the museum at the entrances to the rotating art exhibits.  

Ann Marie joined Bob Drake at Trig Modern in 2014 to continue to bring the best in modern design to Raleigh and North Carolina.  From re-designing a mid century modern kitchen located in the heart of downtown Fayetteville, to working closely with the owners of a new home home designed in Durham by Kenneth Hobgood, Ann Marie has a range of experience and can help you select colors, lighting, flooring, furnishings and accessories with a modern sensibility. Whether working in a small apartment or larger family home, Ann Marie is comfortable helping an owner to clarify a vision for the space and make it a personal sanctuary.

When she’s not at Trig, Ann Marie loves to cook, camp, and read and she plays on a pool team once a week. Ann Marie has hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, and would like to tackle more. Along with Bob, Ann Marie gardens in the front yard of Trig.