Trig Modern

Trig: adj. [British dialect] Smart and trim, as in lifestyle, neat. Stylishly fashionable, up-to-date, modish.

Today, people live with a mix of furnishings: Grandma’s antique dresser, a mid-century lamp found on eBay, a leather sofa you actually splurged on. It’s a metaphor of our lives -- an expression of personal style and experiences. 

Trig Modern’s showroom provides a portrait for sensible living -- an antidote to excess, formality and convention. Classic modern furniture rests comfortably beside new modern accessories and iconic items from the mid-20th century. A wide array of modern light fixtures and ceiling fans hang from the ceiling. A wall of colorful pillows, many designed by Trig’s owner, Bob Drake, gazes down upon modern area rugs on the floor.

Our Design Center serves up samples of Trig Modern’s delightfully modern wall coverings and upholstery choices, including a line specifically for apartment dwellers.

At Trig Modern, we believe in a thoughtful approach to modern interiors and furnishings that emphasizes the imagination and comfort of real people living real lives. Drop in sometime. We look forward to meeting you!


Our history and family ties are our strength. Since 1960 with Belligotti brand name and later in 1974 with Composit brand name, Belligotti family has improved its “know how” and has transformed its love for raw materials and passion for hand craftsmanship into an industrial business.

Passion which successfully continues today, in a brand new global scenario where we are fully involved, giving to the Italian cabinetry craftsmanship an internationally renowned brand name.

An Italian passion which finds its roots in the history and geography of the place where the Belligotti was born and has grown: Pesaro furniture district, where still today, over a 20.000 sq plant, our Kitchens and Wardrobes are manufactured. The bond between companies and territory is typical of Italian history, the District represents the cradle of the know how, the experience, the Italian hand craftsmanship passion.