Trig Modern

Trig: adj. [British dialect] Smart and trim, as in lifestyle, neat. Stylishly fashionable, up-to-date, modish.

Today, people live with a mix of furnishings: Grandma’s antique dresser, a mid-century lamp found on eBay, a leather sofa you actually splurged on. It’s a metaphor of our lives -- an expression of personal style and experiences. 

Trig Modern’s showroom provides a portrait for sensible living -- an antidote to excess, formality and convention. Classic modern furniture rests comfortably beside new modern accessories and iconic items from the mid-20th century. A wide array of modern light fixtures and ceiling fans hang from the ceiling. A wall of colorful pillows, many designed by Trig’s owner, Bob Drake, gazes down upon modern area rugs on the floor.

Our Design Center serves up samples of Trig Modern’s delightfully modern wall coverings and upholstery choices, including a line specifically for apartment dwellers.

At Trig Modern, we believe in a thoughtful approach to modern interiors and furnishings that emphasizes the imagination and comfort of real people living real lives. Drop in sometime. We look forward to meeting you!

Dining Room Table

These days the kitchen is the center of the home but at the holidays our dining room tables take center stage. It's where we all gather with family and friends to celebrate and share our love.  Growing up in Virginia my grandmother was always with us for the holidays, and once the meal was cleared away, my mother set up a spread of homemade cookies and treats so our friends could visit to eat and drink. 

As I got older and moved into my first place, my table got smaller as my family was spread across several states. Like a lot of us, I participated in a few "orphan" Thanksgivings for those of us too far away to make it back to our parent's house. We’d gather with friends around tables cobbled together with mismatched plates and reminisce and laugh and maybe shed a tear or two for our memories of long ago. 

As I settled down with a career and a life partner, I started hosting our own family holiday dinners. Our tables got a little larger as we fit in children and siblings and parents and we joined hands to give thanks before enjoying our meals. As the years progressed my ex and I would set up multiple tables at Thanksgiving to host as many as 35 from our extended families. 

This year's Christmas dinner was with my immediate family, seated around my parents' second-hand farm table in their homey kitchen. My father's voice choked as he gave a blessing that we were there together sharing a meal, and I squeezed his hand a little tighter at that moment. 

We change our dining tables and other furniture over the years as our situations changes, whether we're moving to a larger house to accommodate a growing family or we're downsizing as our children move on. Our holiday celebrations change along with our changing living arrangements, but the dining room table is still the place we gather with family and friends to share, to laugh, to love and to give thanks.

I hope the time you spent with family and friends around your dining room table this holiday season was a wonderful time filled with love and hope.



I generally find time to read two publications, Elle Decor and The Economist; I enjoy both for totally different reasons.  In the December 13th issue of The Economist  there is a special report on the luxury market....a topic that fascinates me.  The definition of luxury is completely subjective and personal.  Luxury purchases for some may be everyday items to others.  In the global luxury market two thirds of the spending goes for luxury cars and luxury personal goods, ie, fashion, perfume and jewelry.  Thank goodness furniture is part of the luxury market!  It seems luxury items can be completely superfluous and yet there are items that can make one's life feel a little richer.  Luxury items for me are items for my home; fashion, cars and travelling are not that important to me.  With that said I owned a 1947 Cadillac two-door fastback that was very luxurious and a joy to drive.  I have invested in nice furniture, original artwork and lighting that make coming home enjoyable.  I have always extolled buying the best of anything that you can afford.  I enjoy selling a better product;  I get just as much joy selling a luxurious 2000.00 sofa as much as a luxurious 5000.00 one.  Whatever your definition of luxury is here's hoping 2015 brings you lots of it!