Trig Modern

Trig: adj. [British dialect] Smart and trim, as in lifestyle, neat. Stylishly fashionable, up-to-date, modish.

Today, people live with a mix of furnishings: Grandma’s antique dresser, a mid-century lamp found on eBay, a leather sofa you actually splurged on. It’s a metaphor of our lives -- an expression of personal style and experiences. 

Trig Modern’s showroom provides a portrait for sensible living -- an antidote to excess, formality and convention. Classic modern furniture rests comfortably beside new modern accessories and iconic items from the mid-20th century. A wide array of modern light fixtures and ceiling fans hang from the ceiling. A wall of colorful pillows, many designed by Trig’s owner, Bob Drake, gazes down upon modern area rugs on the floor.

Our Design Center serves up samples of Trig Modern’s delightfully modern wall coverings and upholstery choices, including a line specifically for apartment dwellers.

At Trig Modern, we believe in a thoughtful approach to modern interiors and furnishings that emphasizes the imagination and comfort of real people living real lives. Drop in sometime. We look forward to meeting you!

“LOL” Your Way To Fun, Functional Outdoor Furnishings This Summer

The warm weather and abundance of flowers are making us giddy these days, which may explain this LOL post. No, not LOL as in “laughing out loud.” LOL as in the first three letters of two clever, innovative, modern home furnishings manufacturers we can’t get enough of:

Loll Designs and Loloi Rugs

Are you ready to introduce some “LOL” fun and function into your outdoor living space this summer?

Lollygag -- lol·ly·gag

Verb; present participle: lollygagging

Spend time aimlessly; idle: "She goes to the beach to lollygag in the sun."

Dawdle: "We're lollygagging along."

 An Loll Designs lounge chair -- in orange!

An Loll Designs lounge chair -- in orange!

Loll Designs of Duluth, MN, designs and manufacturers “outdoor furniture for the modern lollygagger.” The company also makes the modern environmentalist pretty happy.

Loll Designs’ durable, all-weather loungers, Adirondack chairs, and other products are made with recycled, post-consumer plastic – mostly single-use milk jugs.

Here’s a Fun Fact: Around 400 recycled milk jugs go into producing one Loll Adirondack chair. That’s a lot of milk jugs!

The folks behind Loll didn’t always make furniture, you know. They started in 1997 as TrueRide, a contracting company that custom-designed, built, and installed municipal skate parks across the country and abroad.  But in 2007, they sold TrueRide to a friendly competitor so they could focus on “lollygagging” and on developing a green company.

Loll Design’s chairs, tables, loungers, and planters are fun, high-quality pieces. And they’re available in both bright and more subtle colors.

*     *     *

Eleven years ago, Loloi Rugs had a small office in Dallas, a small staff of four, and a big idea.

“We believed that innovative design, an eye for detail, and a commitment to craft could produce truly distinctive rugs. Loloi didn’t set out to become just another rug company, not even the biggest. Instead, we wanted to be pioneers—to design and handcraft the world’s most original rugs.” 

Today, Loloi has hundreds of employees, multiple warehouses, and thousands of products. And the company’s steadfast commitment to craft has earned the trust of furniture dealers worldwide – including Trig Modern.

From the broad stripes of color in the Garrett Collection to the deep blues of Venice Beach and soft greens of the Isle Collection, Loloi’s lovely indoor/outdoor rugs are enlivening al fresco living spaces everywhere. 

Come by our showroom in Dock 1053 soon to see what both “LOL” companies – Loll and Loloi – can do for your modern, stylish, and eco-friendly outdoor living space.

 An Loloi Outdoor Rug is the perfect complement to a modern outdoor living space.

An Loloi Outdoor Rug is the perfect complement to a modern outdoor living space.